The Centre does not provide,  reheat or cook food.

No nuts or eggs are allowed.

No chocolate bars, lollies, soft drinks, flavoured milk or chips are allowed.


Please refrain from bringing toys from home. These can cause arguments between children or can be upsetting if toys are broken or lost.  The centre provides adequate equipment for the children during the day.

What to bring

Each day all children should bring the following items clearly labelled with their name:
  • Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea. Toddler and Junior lunches are to be placed in the baskets labelled for each meal time in the classroom fridge.
  • After 5pm snack. Children remaining at the centre after 5pm can have a late snack. Ensure your child’s late snack is clearly labelled .  
  • Drink bottle (water only). It is vital that water bottles are taken home each evening & washed.
  • At least two complete changes of clothing including underwear
  • A fitted cot sheet & blanket in winter
  • Any comfort item for rest time (dummy / teddy bear etc)
  • Training pants (pull ups) & several pairs of undies if toilet training

Please Note: Nappies are provided for Children enrolled in Nursery, Toddler & Junior Rooms only

Also, prior to your child's first day please ensure the Centre has the following:
  • A4 Display Folder for artwork - Toddlers, Juniors and Pre-Kindy
  • Family photos for our classroom Photo Gallery
  • Enrolment Form, Child & Family Profile, Immunisation Record (& Birth Certificate for Kindergarten enrolments)