Johanna Street Early Learning Centre
Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarten program is based on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. Our Kindergarten Teachers' qualifications meet the Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program requirements.

We focus on:

  • Five areas of children’s development: Identity, Connectedness (to others and the environment), Wellbeing (their own physical health as well as caring for others), Active Learning, and Communicating. These areas help children to prepare as much as possible for what will be expected of them at school.
  • Individual planning, with small group and whole group activities, to ensure all areas are developed in different ways and situations.
  • Active learning, about the more specific topics that children should know for school: Numbers, Letters (the names and sounds), Shapes, Colours, and the ability to write their own names.
  • Self-help skills for children to be able to look after themselves at school: looking after their shoes, hat, jumpers, lunch boxes etc, dressing themselves, independence with toileting skills, building confidence to voice their own needs, thoughts and feelings, managing their own emotions, and developing perseverance when handling challenges.