We look forward to taking you on a guided tour of our centre and grounds when a position is available for your child.

Before accepting the offer of a position for your child, a family member will be required to participate in a full orientation.

Enrolment Enquiries/Waiting List

**Your child’s details will be added to our waiting list and we may contact you for further information if necessary. Joining the Waiting List does not guarantee any child a placement. If you are offered a placement, you will be required to attend an orientation within a few days. Once the orientation is complete we will allow 24 hours for you to make a decision. If you are not in contact with us within this time-frame we will offer the placement to another family. A child's booking has only been secured when the Bond has been paid; if the child does not start the Bond is forfeited. The Bond will be refunded when the child no longer attends the centre, correct notice has been given and fees are paid in full.

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