Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Where is the renovated Centre located?

A. Approximately 200 metres from the front of the property.
Q. Is the Centre at the front of the property also
Johanna Street ELC? 

A. Yes. Centre 1 is a separate 5 room Centre. When renovations are complete, Johanna Street ELC will be 2 Centres, sharing resources and playgrounds.
Q. What age can I enrol
my child?

A. From 6 months old in Centre 1
 From 15 months in Centre 2
Q. When can my child be added to the waiting list? 

A. Now. If you would like to join the waiting list, please use the Waiting List form under "Enrolment Enquiries"

Q. Will all the staff be new? 

A. All of our current Educators transferred to the new Centre as we have closed the other Centre for renovations. To ensure we have suitable, experienced role models, some of our existing Educators will return to the renovated centre when it reopens. All new Educators will need to meet our high standards
Q. Will Management change? 

A. Management of both Centres will remain the same, however a new Director (Kelly) has joined the management team
Q. When will the Centres
be open? 

A. New Centre - January 2017
Renovated Centre - Mid 2017
Q. How do I apply for an Educator's position?

A. Click on the "Employment" tab bellow and fill in your details. We will request your resume before we conduct an interview


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Renovated Building
Refurbished Classrooms
Redesigned Playgrounds
Please use the "Enrolment Enquiries" tab to join the waiting list and be one of the first to have an orientation