Statement of Fees

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A $100.00 (per child) bond is required upon enrolment. This bond is refunded approximately one week after your child leaves Johanna Street ELC provided:

  • Two weeks notice is given of your intention to withdraw your child
  • Attendance records are up to date
  • Your account has no outstanding fees

Please Note:

  • If your child does not attend the last booked day, FULL FEES will be charged for this day and any previous day not attended. CCB cannot be claimed for any days a child is absent after a child physically no longer attends the centre
  • When a child does not attend care at all after a bond has been paid, the bond is forfeited


Fees must remain in advance at all times during your child’s enrolment at the centre. If fees are allowed to fall into arrears your child’s position at the centre may be jeopardised. You will be required to pay two weeks fees either prior to or on your child's first day. One weeks fee will be due the next week therefore keeping your fees in advance.

Two weeks notice is required for changes to bookings & holidays. The centre is closed for two weeks over the Christmas period and no fees are charged for these weeks.

Payments may be made by: EFTPOS, Credit Card or Bank DepositCash is not accepted.

Child Care Benefit (CCB) & Child Care Rebate (CCR)

Families may be eligible to receive CCB from the Commonwealth Government and families that meet the work, training and study test may be entitled to CCR. Families will need to contact Centrelink on 13 61 50 to obtain further information. If Centrelink is contacted prior to your child’s commencement at the centre and your information is accessible, the reduced fee will be applied. However if no contact is made with Centrelink or we are  unable to access your information, Full Fees will need to be paid until we are able to access your CCB/CCR Percentage. If your child attends more than one service, you must inform us. A “Nomination of Eligible Hours” form will need to be completed for the correct CCB & CCR to be calculated.

Extra Activities, Entertainment Groups & Fun Days

Any extra activities or visits from entertainment or educational groups, including our annual Christmas Party are provided at NO COST to families. Families are NOT expected to fund raise for equipment as this is also supplied.